WORDS 'N MOTION is a Pediatric Multi-Disciplinary Diagnostic Evaluation Site, SEIT Program, and Treatment Center. We are committed to insuring that each child we treat achieves maximum potential and independence through accessible, efficient, effective, and state-of-the-art services (Evaluations, SEIT and/or Related Services). Our professional parent and child friendly staff, led by Dr. Selina Cali, MSPT, DPT and Holly Alavanja, MA, CCC-SLP, SBL strive to make the evaluation and treatment process(es) thorough, timely and smooth, while formulating an accurate and informative client/child profile. We take great pride in providing comprehensive and well-coordinated care!

Special Education Services, including diagnostic evaluations are at no cost to parents (funding is provided by county taxes and state funds for Special Education Services). Please call today to schedule an appointment. All questions are welcome!